Simple Solution for Chopping Meat!

dbChopper 3D render of the product frontal view
dbChopper kitchen gadget chopping ground beef and diced onions as it browns in a metal skillet
dbChopper in use chopping fresh herbs like cilantro and parsley on a clean counter
dbChopper in use chopping cooked shredded chicken on a wooden cutting board
dbChopper mashing fresh avocados for dip in a white ceramic dish
dbChopper kitchen gadget chopping sliced white onions on a wooden counter
dbChopper being washed by hand in a kitchen sink under a running faucet
dbChopper in the upper rack of a dishwasher


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DBRANDT patented, simple solution for chopping meat while cooking.

  • designed for grounding meat when browning in pan
  • ok for nuts and herbs
  • dice vegetables and fruit
  • shred chicken and roasted meats
  • mash avocados and potatoes

Safe to use on skillet and surfaces, without scratching. Grip handle or shaft and push down in a pumping motion.  Lie flat to fit conveniently in kitchen drawers.

Rapid, spring-loaded, 3-solid blade system. Food grade, heat resistant, nylon plastic. Easy to clean by hand washing. Residential dishwasher safe on the upper rack.

Black V1. 4" x 1" x 7.5".