Chop meat while cooking.
Dice herbs
Shred chicken and roasted meats
Mash avocados and potatoes
Dice vegetables and fruit
Easy to clean by hand washing.
Dishwasher safe on the upper rack.


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DBRANDT patented, simple solution for chopping meat while cooking.

  • designed for grounding meat when browning in pan
  • ok for nuts and herbs
  • dice vegetables and fruit
  • shred chicken and roasted meats
  • mash avocados and potatoes

Safe to use on skillet and surfaces, without scratching. Grip handle or shaft and push down in a pumping motion.  Lie flat to fit conveniently in kitchen drawers.

Rapid, spring-loaded, 3-solid blade system. Food grade, heat resistant, nylon plastic. Easy to clean by hand washing. Residential dishwasher safe on the upper rack.

Black V1. 4" x 1" x 7.5".