Simple Solution for Chopping Meat!


When one dream ends 

Founder Daniel Brandt announced to his mother, at approximately 10, that he was committing himself to continue the family business as the 4th generation. "Someone will have to do it," he stated with a mixture of responsibility and great pride for legacy. 

Though his path encountered some detours, he remained connected to his great-grandpa's talent to seek solutions, his grandfather's passion for enhancing experiences, and his mom's dedication to a business story. At 24, he tapped into his entrepreneurial and inventor abilities, positively transferring his energy.

Inspired to simplify and live better, DBRANDT Enterprises, LLC is established. 

A new dream emerges 

"Growing up there was only one way to ground meat" — a kitchen gadget found only when antiquing. As Daniel's grandma started having more difficulty finding this tool, it became apparent there was an opportunity to retro the product for current and future times.

Applying his interest in product development, Daniel educated himself through product ideation, set up the company, and introduced dbCHOPPER at the International Housewares Show.

After a few trials and tribulations, DBRANDT's inaugural product officially launched with a U.S. Patent. Daniel continues working on a portfolio of product ideas influenced by his daily living.

  Founder/Inventor/Veteran, Daniel and Receiving Clerk, Shay